What is the Bankless Merch Supply Chain?

The UltraSound Merch Store by Bankless DAO is the first bankless merch supply chain, which means your merch (from fabric, blanks, printing and even handling) is settled in entirely in ETH. Not to mention it's a quality merch platform for all cryptonative and digital communities.

Based on the ideals outlined in David Hoffman's Bankless Apparel Launch in August 2020, by creating high-quality, cryptonative clothing, the 'UltraSound Merch' brand was born. 

We source only quality products from factories paying real living wages, that accept crypto as payment, and ensure every step of production and shipping is environmentally conscientious.

The supply chain costs are transparent; first cost, embroidery and handling fees, retail markup, and shipping. No smoke and mirrors here.

Each product bearing the Bankless DAO logo (or UltraSound Merch branding) has a consistent value proposition, limited environmental impact, and imbue trust and brand equity with every purchase.


The Platform for Crypto Communities

The UltraSound Merch bankless supply chain platform is designed for all cryptonative communities to use as a source for high quality community-designed merch, plug and play logistics and shipping, and zero-overhead fundraising. Just submit designs, approve the price, and post the link to your merch page on your discord or website. 


Decentralized by Design

The Bankless DAO UltraSound Merch Store reflects the ideals of transparency and decentralization, and aims to provide a platform for the physical manifestation of crypto organizations.



UltraSound Merch Pillars:

Designs and products generated and sourced by the Bankless DAO


Does the product reduce unnecessary impact on the planet and the environment?


Is every effort made to remove the banks from the products supply chain?


Does the product further the Bankless mission and grow the Bankless DAO's sphere of influence?