For DAO communities that lack the time and expertise, USM Marketplace offers a streamlined Web3 wearables creation platform that elevates the Brands of Artists and Communities.

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    For Artists who want to look professional and want to generate an income stream, USM Marketplace enables and facilitates the creation of custom apparel and merchandise in Web3.

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Sell your Merch on any NFT marketplace*

You will be able to sell your merch on any NFT marketplace, and keep the profits. USM token gates your merch, takes care of the printing, shipping and customer service, so you can focus on building your community.

*coming soon!

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How does it work?

Purchase USM Creator Pass

Design your Merch on Discord (or via email)

Redeem your USMCP for a Product NFT on Polygon

Share your merch wherever you share NFTs. We recommend creating a gallery store on deca.art if you have more than one Product NFT.

Sell your Product NFTs two ways:

You have two ways to sell merch:

1) Purchase a bulk amount of PNFTs to give away or sell at any price you want on any NFT marketplace, or

2) Let USM take the wheel, and get a simple royalty on all PNFT sales. No overhead!



Built from the ground up for web3, we are challenging the traditional merch industry and optimizing it for the new tech age. Our supply chain is optimized for crypto currency and our innovations create amazing new possibilities for goods & apparel.

Quality & Sustainability

Environmentally Conscientious

We're trying to do away with fast fashion mentality of the the merch industry.

Of course, we only use high quality organic cotton, and it is certified pesticide-free.

But we also focus on high quality production, which means you can wear your merch longer.

Finally, only producing what is sold means that there is no overproduction and unnecesarry transportation and manufacturing exhaust.

Evergreen Availability

USM's Evergreen inventory system means that all communities are drawing from the same blanks.

This further reduces the need to over produce, and allows us to leverage economies of scale on higher quality products. It's a real (3,3) play.

Plans for Local Production

We are building a global printing network, which will drastically reduce the price of shipping, but also reduce the environmental impact of international orders.

Stay tuned for updates. đź‘€